Why am I here?


Hey what's up? I have something to post again hihi! 

Lately in my mind, I am always thinking of something.

Why blog?
Why am I blogging?
What's the reason I blog?

Actually it was never my intention to be a blogger ahaks! I started blogging because there were many blogs springing up daily and everyone looked cool doing it. Ok it's not only about that. When I've been seeking the purpose of why am I blogging, what I came up with is interacting with people.

I initially started this blog as more of a personal journal, one that I never expected or wanted anyone to read. Well I got lonely just speaking to myself, so I started to blog lah hihi.

There are few thoughts on how blogging impacts my life.

First and foremost,
I'll become a better writer. Writing is communication kan? It's about recording thoughts on paper and then compelling others to agree with them. 

I'll become a better thinker which is the blogging process encourages me to stop and think deeper. And ya I'll delve deeper into the matters of my life and the worldview.

The third one,
I'll meet new people (yah whether it be thru comments, emails or social media). The blogger community is friendly, encouraging and genuinely cheering for me to succeed aiseh hahaha. I just hope that my blog posts will benefit someone other than myself ceyyyyyy.

I'll become more confident because blogging help me to discover more confidence in my life. I'll quickly realize that I do live in an important life with a unique view gitu. Well as a blogger, I would like to introduce topic that I feel is significant and meaningful (take time jugaklah to lay out a subject and offer my thoughts on the topic heee).

Ok that's all! Bonne nuit, everyone!

"Writing is the painting of the voice" Voltaire.

I blog, therefore I am.

Yours sincerely,


  1. Omg!? Same goes to me :p hihihihi

  2. suka baca post awaa. keep it up dear. and I love that quotes. "Writing is the painting of the voice". nice.:)


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