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Live, laugh, bake.

Ok, my friends (Kal, Wini, Syasya, Jue & Re'an) went to my home for our baking session which we planned like a month ago, Kal asked me to teach on how to bake. Err actually I'm not that pro enough tho, but at least I know a lil bit about baking.
Oh we had our second baking session last Saturday. Alhamdulillah everything went well, proceeded smoothly.
What did we bake?
1. Cream Puff 

It's like a round shell (HOW CAN I EXPLAIN THIS??) with a moist filling of custard cream. This one requested by Kal. Sedap.

2. Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake

The cake was so white and fluffy or I must say the cake was so damn gorgeous! The steps are easy but the way you mix the batter, you NEED to be extremely ayu and careful. Kalau tidak, tak cantik lah rupa dia. One requested by Wini.

3. Apam Polkadot

Also requested by Kal. Ni dah biasa pun buat, so senang jer.

4. Egg Tart

It was my first attempt at making egg tart. I'm relieved I've made it huaaa. This one also requested by K…

How was it?


I don't have any long normal story for today -  so it's just a quick update kay. As you guys were informed, the university admission result came out last Thursday. Well, how was it?

Alhamdulillah, finallyyyy I got the offer from UKM in Actuarial Science course! That means I passed the interview lah kan hihi. I was very happy though my mom just gave me a thumbs up (she was busy with her meeting and stuffs) that day. 

Oh by the way, is there anyone yang dapat masuk UKM jugak? Boleh lah kenal kenal kan. Or maybe yang tengah study kat sana, boleh lah share pengalaman dan bagi tips-tips yang berguna kat bakal student macam saya ni! :D

Thank you!