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Long time no post.


It has been quite awhile since the last blog post. While things haven't been happening on my blog, but there has certainly been plenty going on in my real life.

Alhamdulillah, now I've been home after almost 3 months I successfully finished the matriculation programme in Labuan Matriculation College. I passed the exams in both semesters with flying colors. Thank you Allah. 

Well you guys might wondering what I'm up until now right? 

Few days before I went back home, I was busy revising for my final exam. Mama texted me, informed me that my siblings were infected with chickenpox. She told me that I'm the only one who had not been infected yet. I was hella worried back then. 

On the 9th of May, I had my last exam of my last day in college. I started to pack my whole things during the study week, since tomorrow I had an early flight to Kota Kinabalu at 6.15 am. Next, to Tawau at 12.30 pm.

My morning was quite chaos and I almost missed my flight! Phew that was close!

Finally... home sweet home. 

I was relieved I got home safe and sound. As I entered home, my first younger sister, A'in, greeted me with her all bengkak face and chickenpox. I felt very guilty for not letting her to salam but she said she was fine. A'in told me that she would salam me after all of us were recovered.

5 days later, A'in was fully recovered from the chicken pox but the scars still remained on her face. Guess what? I finally suffered chickenpox and took about 2 weeks to recover. Body aches, high fever, backache and followed by rash which I thought developed into many damn itchy blisters tu jangan cakap lah. I didn't contact anyone (except my roommates and family) for two weeks.

Then, I managed to make a resume video for UPU (I got an interview from UKM and they asked to make a video instead of going to their place) and submit it less than 24 hours before the closing date. Syukuuuur. 

After suffering from chickenpox, all I can is I rarely online to chat with my friends. I do housework despite going out and currently helping my mom in her home baking businesses. I learn many baking skills ( not just in terms of baking technique but in learning to cook in the kitchen) from my mom and who knows I might do part-time in baking business while studying after this? It's a way where I also can earn good money.

Oh yea this Thursday, the university admission results will be informed. Hopefully I will receive offers of admissions from any university. Wish me luck and all the best to the others! 

So, that's it! Thank you for reading. 

A bientot :)


  1. Hai Amira,

    waaaahh passed exams with flying colors ! tahniah !
    sy kena chicken pox masa darjah 6 dulu.
    hopefuly tak kena dah la sbb ade dgr org kata
    kalo dah kena, tak kena dah kan kan kan? hehe

    Salam kenal,
    Anamizu :)

    1. Hai Anamizu!

      Alhamdulillah terima kasih! Tak sure jugak lah, sebab lepas siblings saya semua kena, ayah saya pulak kena even though dia pernah chickenpox masa umur 4 tahun dulu. Hehe harap-harap tak kena lagi la kan.

      Salam kenal juga :)

  2. Congrats on passing your final exam with flying colors! & All the best to both of us for the upu results, I have noticed that we are of the same age :)

    1. Thanks! Am wishing you all the best kay~

      Hehe yep nice to know you :D

  3. congrats ! and may you get the best result of UPU <3

  4. oh hari ni la kan dapat result. semoga berjaya, insyaallah :)

  5. tahniah dear..good luck for upu


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