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Who am I?


Welcome, dear readers.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Nurul Fatin Amira, unoficially 18 years of age and born on August 26, 1998. I've been living in Sandakan for four years before moving to Tawau. I'm the oldest, and I have two sisters and two brothers. It gets pretty interesting growing up with my siblings to fight with. Baking is one of my hobbies. 

I'd describe myself as emotional and sometimes I am hyper so I will go crazy with randomness lah kan (well being hyper isn't good all the time even it does feel good).

During my primary school days, it seemed as if I were hiding behind a mask. When I was at home, I was a totally different person. At school, I was trying to be a person who could fit in, but the more I tried the more it didn't seem to work.

A major influence on my life was my mother. She taught me that I'd only live once and I should be the person that I was and not someone that just tries to fit in. Then, I started to be myself and the environment seemed as if it had a deeper meaning. Everything I saw, heard and felt I perceived in an extremely different way. Because of this, I was able to take what I had learned and apply it to many occasions and came out with pride.

One of my life goals is studying abroad in Japan. I know everyone have their own ambition in life but simply having it is not enough. Whatever the ambition, it must be backed up by contain efforts to achieve it. To SPM 2015 candidates, I wish everyone will get a great result and pass with flying colours. 

In conclusion, dear readers, I am just a simple person and I like to make friends with anyone.

These are some random facts about me.
Yours sincerely,

January 3, 2016.