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The 3 Azam.

Well hello there, assalamualaikum! It's long time no post since I'm busy with my PMR examination this year and yeah the exam was over on 9 October. And there's no more PMR and there'll be PBMSR for 99's, 00's and whatsoever. Good luck gais! Hahaha I guess its more harder than PMR right? Nahhh just be relax then you'll be fine. Oh ya now I'm waiting for PMR result on December. Its kinda... uhm, c'est ridicule -.-
Okay I'm posting today to tell about my class, 3 Azam. So on le penutupan program selepas pmr haritu, my classmates were discussing what will we do, well we went on drama and its pretty much awesome. Its funny and I'm the narrator. Sigh. The audience love the drama and its just made our day. And yeahh we won History Quiz, Maths Quiz and The most many kehadiran kelas. 
So just check it out le photos, credit to best friends, Winnie and others.

Sedih jugak rasanya ni because one of our classmate will pindah next year. Alaa tak best lah kan …