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Hey there!

ayyo BTS!

I'm a big fan of Bangtan Boys since their debut. I love V and the golden maknae, Jungkook! They're sooooo cute huahhhh. 

Anyways, I'm terribly sorry because I'm a bit hyperactive and my fangirl mode just activated, ahaks!
It's out! J-hope released his first solo track last night on their official SoundCloud account.

I personally like that kind of hip hop or rap song ahhhh I dunno what to say. I got jams RM, ahaks! 

It's so gooood. I love his voice when he's rapping and the way he raps. Well, everyone has their own style kan. Tak salah pun kita minat lagu macam ni, hihi.

To those ARMYs out there, who haven't listened to this song, please do! hihi.

His first track slay

Yours sincerely,